​BAYA: The Bay Area Young Adult Librarians Workshop 2016; Berkeley Public Library, CA

          A unique opportunity for librarians working in any environment to learn about next-level graphic novel                   collection development, with a special emphasis on building a diverse collections by Jack Baur (Berkeley                   Public Library) and Amanda Jacobs Foust (Librarian and Consultant). This will be followed by a presentation           by author and Library of Congress' National Ambassador for Young Adult Literature: Gene Luen Yang. The             second half of our program will feature a special panel of comic book professionals who will share their                   creative process and discuss the power of comics as a means of telling diverse stories, and as educational                   tools.  Guests on the panel will be Gene Luen Yang, Mariko Tamaki and David Brothers.

  • In the Library with a Comic Book Creator Panel

          California Library Association Annual Conference 2015; Pasadena, CA

          As the world of comic books continues to infiltrate all corners of popular culture, graphic novels are having a           larger and larger role in the world of libraries and are being greeted with ever-higher demand. Join long-                 time comic enthusiasts Jack Baur (Berkeley Public Library) and Amanda Jacobs Foust (Infopeople) as they                 host an author panel of dynamic local graphic novelists and comics creators: Jennifer L. Holm (Babymouse,             Sunny Side Up), Derek Kirk Kim (Tune, The Eternal Smile), Hope Larson (A Wrinkle in Time, Mercury) and             Craig  Thompson (Blankets, Space Dumplins). This is a fantastic opportunity to meet and converse creators             and about their process and work. 

  • Mangka!: Comics Creation Program

          California Library Association Annual Conference 2015; Pasadena, CA

           Join comic book enthusiasts Jack Baur (Berkeley Public Library) and Amanda Jacobs Foust (Infopeople) for a           round of Mangaka, a fast-paced comic creation game where in matter of minutes players create a short                     comic incorporating randomly assigned themes or characters. Mangaka was independently developed and               financed through Kickstarter, and makes a great storytelling program for children teens and adults. No                     artistic skill required.

  • In the Library with a Comic Book! Program

          Comic Arts Fest 2015, San Mateo, CA 

          Long-time comic enthusiasts Jack Baur and Amanda Jacobs Foust deliver an informative talk on today's                    comics landscape, the history of comics and graphic novels and the value of comics literacy for readers of all           ages. Then we'll have an interactive discussion about our all-time and current comic titles!
          Jack and Amanda are two librarians who bonded over comics on a BART ride home years ago. Together                   they have presented and written about comics since 2010 and currently co-host the In the Library with a                 Comic Book podcast.

  • "Where Are Your Comic Books?": Getting Graphic Novels In Your Stacks and Classrooms

          Alternative Press Expo 2015 Panelist; San Jose, CA

          So you’ve decided to get some graphic novels for your classroom or library. Now what? Where do you put               them? How can patrons find them? How do you get MORE of them, the good ones, that people will want to               read and teachers will want to teach? This panel has teachers and librarians covered with these and other                   questions, as we discuss the serious ins, outs, and vagaries of comics curation, both for libraries and the                     classroom. From Dewey weirdness to lesson plans, we’ve got information for you. With Jack Baur and                       Morgan Rose Pershing.

          Computers in Libraries 2015, Washington D.C.

          In Colorado and California, libraries are charting new paths for ebook hosting and lending. This session                   explores how two distinct open source systems emerged from common roots and evolved in different ways.             DCL developed the DCL eBook Model to serve a single ILS and is now expanding the model using a hybrid             of both commercial and open source systems with the eVoke Colorado statewide ebook lending project.                   Throughout its journey, DCL has documented and made freely available its “How to Do It” materials to help           others break through restrictions traditionally imposed on library eBooks. The Califa Library Group, with               partner Contra Costa County Library, were inspired by the DCL model to develop the enki library, a                         statewide consortium-owned ebook platform, which currently serves more than 80 library jurisdictions in               California. These alternative ebook systems benefit from ongoing negotiations with publishers, which enable           libraries to manage collections directly rather than license content through an aggregator. Both projects                   received IMLS funding and will speak to IMLS’ strategic priority of a national digital platform. By working               together to avoid recreating the wheel, these institutions offer smart lessons that the library community as a             whole can benefit from. Hear about their successes, challenges, and next steps as they continue to pave the               way for others. With Monique Sendzez and Michele Farrell. 

Recent Work

Amanda Jacobs Foust

Librarian For Hire


          Colorado State Library

          Work with RIPL partners on event planning and onsite logistics for six events, four regional and two national.                 Advise partners on site selection, catering, event pricing, marketing, and registration.

          Manage scholarship process for one national event.  Serve as onsite logistics coordinator for select events.                     Coordinate event communications with RIPL partners, staff, and participants.

          Assist in the development of marketing materials, announcements, and media relations.

          Manage materials ordering and shipment to event sites.

          Manage reimbursement processes for staff and scholarship recipients. 

          In conjunction with CSL staff, create and maintain an online community of practice for RIPL participants by                 leveraging online technologies (e.g., webinar software, file sharing platform, etc.)

          Fulfill grant reporting requirements including midterm and final reports.


         Co-Host and Producer

         November 2013-Ongoing

         In the Library with a Comic Book is a podcast for librarians, educators and people who just plain like comics                  with Jack Baur of the Berkeley Public Library and Executive Producer Donna Mettier; a collection development            specialist at a large regional Library in the Pacific Northwest. 

          Project Lead 2015

          The California Library Leader Memory Project is an Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) funded                       initiative of Infopeople and the California State Library that seeks to create a body of work that will stand as the             collective professional memory of the California library profession from the mid-20th century through the first           decade of the 21st century. It aims to be a resource for new/young library professionals and those aspiring to                   leadership in the library profession. New leaders will be inspired, empowered, and guided by those who have                 gone before them. Through oral histories, retired California library leaders tell their stories, sharing their                       experiences and their collective professional memories with new generations of librarians.


  • Free Comic Book Day: A How-To with Jack Baur!
    People Connect Institute
    Free Comic Book Day is the first Saturday of every May and publishers release a special line of single issue comics at a reduced cost to retailers and libraries for distribution and in celebration of comics. Have you heard of Free Comic Book Day, but were never sure about how to bring this annual event into your library? Then join two graphic novel enthusiasts and longtime collection developers as they provide an overview on Free Comic Book Day, what titles to select and how to acquire them and Free Comic Book Day programing.

  • Graphic Novels: An Introduction for Patrons of All Ages
    People Connect Institute
    Graphic Novels can be one of the most popular and highest circulating formats in your library collection, but often, staff are unfamiliar and uncomfortable with the format. In this webinar, two graphic novel enthusiasts and longtime collection developers will share the secrets of purchasing, organizing and preserving graphic novels and comics in the library for all ages.


          Are you struggling to determine how best to spend your e-book budget?
          Do you need help navigating the confusing landscape of e-book availability for libraries?
          Would you like to stretch your libraries budget to build a comprehensive and cost-effective e-book collection
          In order to provide users with a wide variety of formats, today's libraries are faced with the challenge of                         managing the often-complex world of e-books. Publishers and vendors place unique limitations on library                   e-books which can be confusing to both staff and the public. Additionally, traditional collection management               budgets and best practices do not always apply.


          Join Eureka! Fellows Amanda Jacobs Foust (2009), Bill Kolb (2010) and Joanna Axelrod (2012) for this hour-                   long webinar as they talk about the Eureka! Leadership Institute experience.


          The purpose of this webinar is to make sure that everyone has the necessary background information about                 the Institute/Program and to answer any questions and address any concerns you might have. With Holly                     Hinman.